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Members Of The Household

Cats, birds, dogs, guinea pigs, white rats, members of the household,
without Kahlua an empty spot there would be copious tears,
when someday our beloved neutered feline leaves our company...

I am the food giver, but my wife she constantly seeks, watches the TV
then wanders from room to room, sleeps, dines at the table,
jumps away in fear or sniffs about when strangers are near...

Has intuition or is it memories retrieved from feline history,
the Nile with the Egyptians, were she a pet when Jesus or Moses,
mohammed was first revered or a biological Darwinian heir?

We play the game of recalling pets: when, where, how and why...
in laughing nostalgia they in sequenced time like lapping waters,
pass us by just another home body is a simple apologetic lie.

8th March, 2007

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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