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Rainbow Joy & Her Kittens

Beautiful Rainbow Joy and her kittens, Pride, Happiness, Love and Peace.
Companions of Randolph from Buffalo, New York. See more at: Joy & Kittens

Mother's Day 2003

Retrieving the newspaper, morning air chill,
contemplating a family dinner, splitting the bill.
I'm the old father slightly one step over the hill.

My wife the matriarch good natured accepting,
happily talkative, bending over to familial wills.

Conversations laboured, where to sit and why,
don't upset anybody, then eat rise awkwardly,
hugs, kisses appropriately then say your good-byes.

Commercial holidays, Father's Day less to do,
cards in the mailbox, perhaps a phonecall...
just one or two - rituals rarely less than a few.

What constitutes family, DNA, governmental regulations,
birth certificates or not, dowries, married or what?

Cats know their offspring, feed them and wean them,
teach them to hunt, best of the litter or runt.

Humankind is different, but essentially the same,
family is warmth and sustenance, GIVE LIFE A CHANCE
reliving nature's eternal ongoing dance.

May 2003

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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