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Preparing For Luke

(Tongue in Cheek!)

Friday Luke will arrive, scare our cat,
bounding upstairs, Kahlua, ready or not
will hide underneath our bed, come out at night,
threaten a bit, her world's gone wrong,
I can't assure her, "Luke will not stay long!"

Our tortoiseshell feline who has the world on a string,
can't assert her position, makes a rumpus,
enlarges her tail, screeches, threatens and fusses.

But the Black Labrador pushes his wet snout
under the quilt's ruffles, wants to play,
never a cordial greeting, "How are you doing, have a nice day."

Our domesticated pet can't go anywhere,
defeated and angry, gutturally meows,
the jovial ebony canine doesn't notice or care.

I can't explain, home ownership is the game,
felines have customs, habit you might say;
my world too is off kilter, far awry,
Luke is a drag, physically a pain...

Dread walking him in the rain, I'll go insane,
the darn mutt is a bane - I'm counting the days,
"The rollicking critter needs to be trained!"

Five days is a long time, apparently forever,
glad my daughter and son-in-law
aren't going on an extended vacation, heaven forbid...
Two weeks in Paris, London, Rome or Madrid!

Dedicated to Susie, Rusty & Kristie

30th March 2004

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.
Kahlua & Luke

Kahlua (top) & Luke

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