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Lizards, chameleons, shades and hues,
scaly reptiles, Gila, suborder Sauria, order Squama...
Enter, "Webster's New Universal Dictionary,"
passing sequentially in continuing review.

Dinosarian behemoths that no longer exist,
fascinate children and adults too, scientists and scholars,
possibly eliciting what our earth orbiting planet
is potentially coming to...

Seeing an Iguana placid and alive,
in Costa Rica surroundings in a hotel eave,
in green foliage, at riverside...

Climbing over shifting precipices carefully,
questioning constantly, glad I've not died.
Seeking other forms, shapes and differences
details within newly anticipated vistas to espy.

Generations move onward, what will be seen?
Bombed disasters, the world surly mean.
Speaking to another tourist, probably the same age as I,
"The last two survivors will fight over a drop of water."

I thought momentarily but argumentatively failed to reply,
"Unless we change our rhetoric,
this world, even living prehistoric Iguanas,
will inevitably slither anonymously by."

28th January 2003

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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