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Known Territory

I know my cat Kahlua, certain of her territory,
when we took her home from the pet store as a baby
she is now neutered for twelve quickly moving years.
Is aware of all the crannies of this residence, hides or stares,
or comes at her own volition, no mistakes given...

But I'm the fool I haven't learned the computer,
the buttons on our automobile - set the clocks on the wall,
or the kitchen varied tools, the earth is not mine to rule.
Read long words, see the subtly in varied meanings and conditions.
Life becomes the unknowable, the wish to grab it all, I've failed!

Kahlua leaps from step to step, is proficient in her world...
is aware, when neighbors come, she judges cat lovers or not,
repair men, guests, she hides when we bring out the carrying case.
Going on our vacations she senses this condo is her only place.
Intrusions, changed environment is her much hated fate.

Be loved and catered to, snacks given, meowing, demanding her call,
persisting stability is her singularity, her demands not met she leaves,
goes away, finds the closets to sleep in waits awhile comes out again...
while I seek answers, ethics, philosophy, a rational for living,
Kahlua knows little about the outside, adores her life's position...

12th December, 2007

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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