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What Does Kahlua See?


Two earthworms extended on the
asphalt driveway,
springtime escapees from the rain
soaked soggy soil,
soft bodied legless invertebrates,
unseen in winter,
summer denizens who disappear in
fall's demise.

Kahlua doesn't witness these distasteful
creatures at all,
has never walked in fresh white crystal
descending snow,
never climbed a telephone or scratched
a tree...
Just a house cat, an inside pet sighting
all that she can see.

Has no envy, no vanity, no national
hate, accumulates no wealth,
sometimes bounds away eerily,
creeps or crawls with stealth.

Isn't fed with religious regularity,
at the present is in perfect health;
Egotistical feline, immaculately
preening herself methodically.

What does Kahlua miss instinctively?
We will surmise but never know.

A wild creature theoretically
many years ago,
now domesticated in our and her abode,
rarely comes when called,
when she passes by we are beguiled,
relieved and enthralled.

14th April 2004

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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