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Kahlua Demands

Not demanding her fate our pet feline Kahlua makes commands,
after all she doesn't see her living days are sequentially remembered,
like most of her breed she watches the world mechanically passing by...

In mathematic calculations she doesn't know squat...
she can't recall verbally if she's skinny, just right for age or obese,
licking her coat frequently she forsakes the glories of speech...

I wouldn't say, "You're an animal you fortunately stayed,
you have found your way, whether it is summer or winter,
seasonally or daily, weather wise... you will have time to play"

"You are important you know when our family rises and dines...
you don't study philosophy, read novels, study tomes, do research,
just eat when you are hungry sleep when you are filled..."30th August, 2009

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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