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ME Gorgeous! Of course I am!

3½ year old female Kahlua.

Searching For Kahlua

Only a cat under a chair,
staring mysteriously going nowhere.
Yet when I see her I'm at rest,
life moves forward found my peace.
Beginning agitation turn a new leaf.

Just a pet who has not wandered away,
trusted house member who continues to stay.
Is it the feeding, is it the love,
is it the emptiness I feel inside.
Many of my closest friends have wrapped up and died,
memories like seashells on incoming tides.

She left our bed took her time,
this is her home and this is mine.
A kitten from a pet shop with no breed,
four different colours or is it three.
Savour each moment that's all you can see.

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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