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Intuition From Kahlua

Dedicated to Bernie and Beeker.

Our cat is aging yet coming up to me, intuitive and observant.
Just a feline becoming wiser I can readily see inner receptive
a kind of reflective watch and change attitude you'll agree...

Guests from Canada stayed at our home for a few days visiting,
stayed a few days, resided in our second bedroom, a brief stay...
Kahlua awkwardly moved away, sensed their presence constantly.

When they left, packing their varied luggage our cat watched
from a distance, probably hidden from my wife and I unnoticed,
cats seem to have keen senses, signs gathered, subtle interplays...

I noted her attitude, she was glad, relaxed you might rightly see,
her muscles relaxed, came to our bedroom, slept on our bed at ease,
sought our company seemed pleased and at rest, knew her space...

Beside us, warmed to our company, her home was here and more,
she found our condominium her residence, more warmly complete...
just the three of us, rightly placed one united unit, warm and secure.

22nd August, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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