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In Fine Fettle

Kahlua is in fine fettle, since my son's
black Labrador,
came storming through our front door,
she escaped somewhere.

We didn't known how or where, frightened
cats have reason to be,
unaware of large canine's velocity,
after all it could happen "me god"
to you or to me.

A bustling near stranger chases
a resident around her home,
the quirky feline is unaccustomed to
the stormy entrance,
finds no place inside, as a homebody
she seldom roams.

Unknowingly later on we went on a chore
came back home,
"Where is the cat, did you see, is she
hiding inconspicuously?"

Searched in the closets, behind the
furniture, crannies familiar and more,
did our pet in terror run away, a nine
year old feline in semi darkness
outside can't survive, blamed my son
and his untrained mutt.

Breathless heart pounding, such is an
animal lover's luck,
tragedy, damn missing companion,
lots of but, but, buts.

I drove around the neighbourhood calling
shaking her treats,
her disappearance appeared hopelessly
scenarios contemplated just became
abject defeats.

In futility I heard my wife speak, "Shaped
like a ball that puss had hid!"
We drank vodka, were relieved...
Our mighty lion isn't too dumb,
determined unseen secretively,
"Only fools run, smart cats stay!"

Author: Roy Schoenberg - September, 2004 - Bay Shore, New York.

Feline Kahlua & Cooper

Feline Kahlua and black labrador Cooper.

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