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Hues Of Kahlua

Hues Of Kahlua

Junior - Jink - JJ

We called them many names,
Junior, Jink, JJ, now Kahlua,
cats of various hues,
one at a time...
occasionally a few.

Mixed breed mutts of wide dimensions,
revered, adored companions,
chronicle demise.

We had pets, never exotic,
hamsters, gerbils, laboratory rats.

One squirrel monkey, a mistake,
made my fingers bleed,
returned the frantic creature
to the pet shop, ignoring
an emergency hospital need.

Randomness in living,
progress through the years,
even a toilet trained rabbit...
parenthood, laughter, tears.

But now the sun is setting,
each moment imbued with love,
nostalgia treasured...
paraphrasing Shakespeare,
eternal silence, mahn,
"That's the rub."

February 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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