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Kahlua Relaxed


Finding Her Spot

Atop the folded tiger blanket
on the spareroom bed, ensconsed in comfort,
paws tucked beneath, Kahlua looks ahead,
contented homebody who doesn't stray,
I endlessly search constantly to begin my day.

Two newspapers on the kitchen table,
mostly unread, brutal news, crossword puzzle,
comics, christmas sales, came upstairs...
Kahlua curled contently, body relaxed,
mixed breed tortoise shell, hidden furry tail.

Already dined, turkey tidbits from a can,
doesn't know her abc's or estimated life span,
even anticipating opening incoming e-mail.
She'll purr for a treat, go her own way,
join us later... has little to say.

If we annoy her, she might play,
startled movements, unaccustomed sound,
she'll run and hide... fixed routines,
a bit of affection, her needs are few,
while I constantly seek something new to do.

Humans are different, strange creatures
who storm and rage, no limited horizons,
unaware that we're futile actors
on a changing stage...
Cats are wonderous, living day to day.

13th December 2001

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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