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Turtle Trapped - Then Finally Given Freedom To The Sea

Turtle Out To Sea

(Inspired by a true life Rescue Drama of a trapped Turtle.)

Remember when you...
put the turtle out to sea,
beyond twilight, the uneven steps,
clumsily on the crude man made parapet,
you climbed into the murky pool,
courageously with a hand held net,
stood within the befouled stagnant waters,
set the living free.

In the reflected light from the deck above,
the creature did not wait,
did not ask for limiting security,
in the shallowness before the reef,
sought amphibian liberty.

Perhaps a local fisheman
in enmeshments will confine him,
or he will be speared...
or his flesh severed by jet skis,
death, accident, entrapment,
pollution, consumption;
Degrees of death's finality,
is that all that we can see?

But life is only an instant,
this moment our jewelled consistency.

20th March 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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