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Kahlua in one of her two baskets, mostly she prefers the humans bed!

First, Place, Show...

My father said, First, place, show:
Sequenced betting for the bookie, the guy on the corner,
the one I never knew, the odd taker.

Life is like that, even the order...
my cat, my wife and I, who first will go?

Attention mahn, there's no complaints...
Relationship matter - often she's number one.
Where the tortoiseshell is hiding, heaven sake not outside,
I call a thousdand times, no response,
then Kahlau at her own whim wanders passing by.

At times she's second, brief introduction,
friends at the door, she greets them in curiosity,
she watches, then upstairs or somewhere on her own.

Shows at the door when our long time acquaintances bid goodbye,
cleaning up, then the three of us, Kahlua, my wife and I asleep,
a family... life is all treasure temporarily to keep.

But add it up, there's reactions inevitably, on a pedestal clocks stop,
one of us leave, the other weep...
hours together first, place, show...
the journey's good, eventually incomplete.

8th November 2003

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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