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Feline Mysteries


Kahlua, our mixed breed cat, is somewhere in the house,
probably sleeping with my wife, this first day of the year...
not thinking supposedly deeper thoughts unlike you or me.

In the past few days the newspapers, the media announced
the famous gone, their feats, their patriotism, the assemblages
spoke of their passages, accomplishments, personality and honesty...

Words, psalms, choirs, innate abilities, what then will be said
when we depart, long life, incidents, qualities, emulations, decencies,
the relics of the past, the dividends unspoken what was she or he?

But a family cat, the mourning, nothing expected, no immortality,
a photograph displayed upon a wall, in your wallet or not at all...
pets that engross your lives silently depart, no caveats, simply fall.

1st of January, 2007

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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