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Kahlua on the bed.

Explainer Wanted

Methinks that I can reason with our cat Kahlua,
I talk with her and seemingly she listens then walks away,
intent at first then is tired of our conversational display.

Is there an exchange in our shared behaviour I can't say?
Then I serve the same can of pet food she avoided upstairs...
In the kitchen the content is consumed most avidly.

Will one of us miss the other when we part some day?
Will she remember my being here, I can not readily say.
I'll cry a bit hold back my tears, will she walk away?

There's no explainer I can ask or notify, if she questions,
"What about me" a feline when I pass, does she know,
how deep is our relationship, today is all that matters...

3rd November, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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