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Estrangement From A Cat

Sitting on the windowsill she stares at me,
I call her... no response then wave, she looks away,
never comes at all, nine years old,
a companion hardly a friend...
a sequence of my doing, is this where
our relationship ends?

At first a mixed breed from the litter, choice made,
delight and attention, quickly house
broken, veterinarian bills paid.
Charmed renowned existence, our
home her residence for life,
her patterns established, youthful
friskiness, now age...

An unknown demeanor: her disposition oddly strange.
Food apportioned, treats demanded, she knows my ways,
she stays and stays - when I speak
I am capriciously ignored,
our dialogue and action, she's the
boss AM, PM, everyday!

Dogs lap, even parrots squawk mysteriously eerily...
but fickle Kahlua loves my wife and
daughter, an occasional visitor too.
Respects them all, returns affection,
tail swishes contentedly...
I clean her dishes, sweep up after
her and am totally deplored.

This morning again her stately stare, is she bored?
Am I the servant, the provider forever?
My love unrecognized, my love denied?
Is estrangement my lot, what did I do
to be so scorned?

3rd December 2004

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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