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Rainbow Bridge

Elysium Fields

Kahlua do you believe in Elysium Fields in perpetuity?
Peace's abode, grassy plains, mid irises and dandelions,
blue wildflowers to... nature's blissful environs,
stalking feline heavens, sunlight, shadows and rain...
Forever roaming freely, is Paradise your game?

Where is your instinctive wisdom, do you actually care?
Tropical jungles, mountain sparse fir trees, jaguars, tigers,
spotted leopards, lions' mane, plateaus, mesas, veldts your reign...
Patiently in stillness, waiting unknowing prey,
yet you live with us successively each passing day.

I repeatedly accomplish my chores, open the refrigerator,
spoon out your food, you scent the mixed tidbits walk away,
softly tread to the patio sliding glass door
look about searchingly...
if temptation offered Elysium Fields, would you stay?

July 2004

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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