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Housecat Past Middle Age


Kahlua (Christmas 2004)

Housecat past middle age asleep upon our constant marriage bed,
secure, content, companion - I rise, dreams incompletely washed away.

Heavy downpours constantly last night, string quartette performance,
applause diminished, four choices of gratuitous commercial cookies,
insufficient insipid flavored fruit punch dispensed ritually in plastic cups.

Hayden, Shostakovich, Smetana - well performed forgotten harmonies,
youthful male musicians in black alike uniformed contemporary attire...
elderly gray attendees, resolutely in rapt talkative succession flee.

Now morning, our long time pet: companion huddled on the corner of the quilt,
stirs a bit, knows her place habitually, looks not sideways back not forward...
mildly rouses momentarily; fed last night, I re-place her unsought eateries,
replenish her drinking water -later she'll actively play in spurts with me.

Brunch one hour away with old friends, their son's 53rd birthday celebration...
time: a talisman with a forged cleaver, sharp blade hovering threat above,
repetitive ticking ominously in anticipatory waiting designation...
foreseen reminders... animals accept gracefully... humans dread to see.

1st May 2005

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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