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Cast Iron Scotch Terrier - Door Stop

Scotch Terriers

Kahlua posing with the Scotch Terrier Door Stop.

At the crack of our bedroom door,
separating the world outside, the morning light,
a place for Kahlua to wander at night,
while we sleep...
the cast iron Scotch Terrier commands.

Our lithe small bodied mixed moggy,
greeted me there, with one pretended starving demand,
"Wet food, I'm tired of waiting,
dry morsels are not satisfying food,
I'm now impatient, you're dalliance is rude!"

Unknowing that Fala...
Franklin Roosevelt's companion, was a perfect paw stand,
for a pet shop feline escapee,
who happens to be, the best of all friends
for my spouse and for me.

I didn't hurry,cleaned up the bathroom floor,
brushed the kitty liter she dispersed last night,
put on my robe to look grandfatherly right,
opened the refrigerator,spooned her a bite.

Today's starting,there's sun in the sky,
Kahlua is somewhere, I'm eternally pleased,
just a cat lover, passing happily alongside,
a blarney deliverer..,. a teller of tales,
a leisurely voyager under sail.

20th August 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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