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Kahlua, sitting pretty!


More than being at the head of the stairs,
knowing that I'm coming...
Kahlua stares, wide eyed but patient,
doesn't crouch, pace or race about.

Domestication: I clean her litter box,
don the blue winter robe,
find my slippers,
turn up the thermostat,
three buttons on the computer,
bathroom light, she doesn't howl,
will not fight, knowing instinctively
it's the end of darkness,
the birth of morning light.

I guess all of us, you and me,
are sometimes untamed, ill at ease,
want only to do what we please.

But constrains in life everyday,
binds us somewhat, locks us away
from total freedom, being wild.

Kittens do this, puppies too,
then learn there are limits,
that will see them through.

2nd December 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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