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Dog & Kitten

Dogs & Cats

When you compare the two species canines or felines
face the world far apart I gather there is no equity...
as an owner and as a witness perhaps you care little
the subject is a dilemma or unimportant do you agree?

Dogs lick your face or hands often most lovingly,
wave their tails or growl definitively, you know their plans,
ignore the defiant ones, itís best to keep away a while,
except for the tiniest breed keep alertly aware wait and see...

Cats I might say slink by there is never overt certainly,
their prone to mystery, rarely as unknown secretive creatures
they donít show affection equally, call them loudly...
you are never the total boss rarely do they ever cop a plea.

People are three types, the haters and the lovers and in betweens,
if you are not aware of nature naturally, donít have a pet besides you,
their impediments have no animals it is work not sympathy...
dogs, cats, birds, even bonsai trees possess infinities.

I canít accept an earth without living companions, no peace for me,
in cellphones ownership, TV screens, mechanical entities...
Iíll talk to a flower, a weed, an insect, each have a home for me,
life is an insolvable, thereís no solitary solution, have respect with all.

9th August, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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