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Curry For Kahlua

Curry The Cat

Curry The Cat, who owns Bob & Sarah Lea from:
Milk & Honey Farm (Organic Homesteading)

Now in Germany and Austria curried
sausages on soggy rolls
sweetly cloying, white fine ground
meat and filling, bland tasteless,
are served at McDonald's, Burger
Kings, peeing is free,
who's first on line, is it you my fair
headed friend or possibly me?

In Indian restaurants locally, do you
want your choice of listed curry,
with lamb or chicken, spicy or not,
the portions are apportioned
with basmati rice nicely mild or
red subtly or severe...Is that Madras style, could be
vegetarian, have it your own way.

In Jamaica curry goat, pork bony,
hot peppers, dripping over
an ember long burning wood fire
is yummy lip burning,
a searing blast of delectability with a
cold Red Stripe Beer,
is more than okay, might be heavy
heartburn on another day.

Gourmet selections, tasty dinners,
various sauces on the side,
our cat Kahlua won't eat any, probably
would haughtily starve,
die slowly... a feral cat from Chiapas
might slurp the dish up,
but curry from a nearby Chinese
take out eatery is boredom's stuff.

8th November 2004

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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