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Vitamin E Fancier

When Kahlua heard the clashing sound
of Vitamin E being counted, overwhelmed by curiosity,
she leaped upon the kitchen table, achieving chaos attacked,
thoughout laughter confusion dominated the scene.

With swiftness running off with the prize won,
the victorious feline scampered deftly away.
Triumph accomplished impetuously,
content until habitually added victories.

Like throw-and-catch tossing furry fake mice,
retrieving sporadic, cat trick impossibility,
only on TV, we settled in middle age...
a feline oft told cat owner's soliloquy.

Or peeing in the toilet, having nine lives,
warning fires, maelstroms, earthquakes,
the fables, soaked in doubts still reign...
converstaion trite but nice.

Is an adult cat complacent, I wouldn't know?
But stealing pills is a fact of visual existence.

Today it's so - now that I'm old and gray,
I feel replete with youthful longings and urges...
beware they too might be mutually displayed.

18th September 2003

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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