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Oh The Crocodiles

Oh the crocodiles wait to the right of the bridge,
while the tourists in single file click intently away,
engorged or resting between flesh consuming foraging,
while Brahma cattle munch sparse dry grasses
in vacuous blank bleary eyed eternal ways.

We stare with wondrous delight,
each of us awe filled in our impending blackest night,
the massive behemoths turn not to left or to right,
in instinctive contentment, brutally silent,
they move not... while presidential edicts boast
of technological man made incipient fights.

Local vendors placidly selling their wares,
Costa Rican families, weekend outings, also enthralled.

The high point of the journey, an immortalized tale,
like the gawking predecessors of evil emblazoned,
we return to the waiting Mercedes Benz bus,
find our designated seat and in total peace set sail.

25th January 2003

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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