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Seeking contentment I opened the front door
feeling adequate and in old age itís not a bore,
the atmosphere benign, the sky gray promised,
followed by mixed weather, hardly brilliance,
reminders of past summers, no lions who roar...

Just a mixed bred cat, pacing about a companion
that ignores me when I call her, if it isnít a treat,
walks past me, denying my plea for any attention...
am I not recognizable, I feed her often and regularly?
She calls me with tenacity doesnít entertain defeat!

She was playful and cuddly as a kitten in a cage,
no sign of rage, curious and a gymnast once fell,
from the railing upstairs to the vestibule floor,
shattered expensive dishes, wasnít hurt at all...
but never repeated that tactic never once more!

But are pets happily contented-- dogs seem to be,
they know their names, they watch you with glee...
protect you and accept and reciprocate happily,
wander and return, lick you sloppily and avidly...
Will protect you, guard your home endlessly.

Now back to nature, I felt wonderfully secure,
accepted my life, felt satisfied, eighty four years,
canít be here forever, wheels canít turn forever...
I will never know if animals acknowledge this,
contentment is an attitude, best to live decently.

24th July, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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