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Cheetah & Cub

Slowing Cheetah's Fast Disappearance

Man's propensity for shaping the world his way...
the cheetahs know, they run away at African savannahs,
rescuers abetted with tracking antennas follow them,
tourists ensconced at lodges; ultimately the wild are dismissed...
and we ask anew, "What is this world coming to?"

Human creatures dropping shielding in spatial faceless stratospheres,
photograph taking, the curvature of the earth below called science,
why fly above while preachers pray, have you had enough to stay?
Have you cast your shadow in darkened mist upon your land?
Pronouncing godly commands, is this your insidious imperious demand?

War makers, money takers, no other animals have the gall to unbalance
the scales, to crave, to gloat, progress you invoke, your Lord's intent...
hands across your chest you plan; less time remains, I bid you stay,
till your fields, share and set the cheetahs free, there is enough
to take this hour, discard your guns leave your gruesome tasks undone...

28th July 2005

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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