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Cat's Don't Make War

Our cat isn't in bed, padding in the
house instead,
Surveying through the patio facing
glass door varied sightings,
a morning insect, a leaf or two...
it's wake up time
there are tasks more urgent for her
in stealth to do.

Searching for a spilled vitamin pill,
a dripping faucet,
a forgotten toy mouse beneath the
living room sofa,
seeping scents, a bit of catnip:
life's curiosities passing by,
The quickening sense of feline
perception: nose, ears and eyes.

Now in war nervous haughty mighty
steeds are blown away,
humankind always on killing sprees:
dogs are trained to sniff
gun shells and bombs and dolphins
projectiles from submarines,
manufactured by foes that are surly
foreign and downright mean.

My tortoise coloured pet, I admit,
is a hunter through and through,
leaves religious anger and patriotic
righteousness for others,
bearing standards, flags and ideology
to storm and rage into...
I guess her mien and actions should
be better viewed.

August 2004

Author: Roy Schoenberg, New York.

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