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Cat Food Spill

Having accomplished an evening of sleep, half awake,
cleaned the bathroom floor, swept aside sand
from her litter box, brush then pan, a chore I know
you understand, a bit simple, nothing grand...

A slight confusion, we're going away, dropped
a medicine bag, other clutter too, slightly wobbly,
the day is young, there are many tasks yet undone.

Found my slippers, put on my ill placed robe,
can't go downstairs a modicum exposed.

Muddled to the kitchen, Kahlua ahead,
beloved feline, despite her last night's leavings,
she claims not being fed, am I being lead?

Opened one can, new flavor, from the extended shelf,
for her pleasure, she might relish instead.

Now here is the accident in greater detail,
one fresh serving of chicken dinner,
ignored on the floor, I mixed shredded salmon,
a brilliant decision I venture to say.

One plastic lid, two cans to keep in the fridge,
task to complete, done efficiently, nicely neat,
stored the juicy feast in an oversized bag.

Most clumsily in the procedure the mess
spilled on the sides of the cabinet,
in globs on the red rug at me nearby feet...

October 2002 - Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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