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Dick's Catboat


Dick's Catboat (Caraid)

Dick's catboat has long since gone,
its forward set mighty awe inspiring mast
the broad beam, the single sail.

Birthplace New England long lived in Huntington
history it is now unnoticed unrecalled,
except this moment by me half awake
in a three year old condo
at the eastern edge of old Bay Shore.

As friends we watched him lift the anchor
prepare the ship deftly climb and see
the sights of centerport move ropes about
swing the beam as we laughed and bent our heads
avoiding its mighty arcing span.

But that was spring
we no longer whisper "stink pots"
then wave half guiltily
to plastic newness passing by.

That was our song
our voiced croak on
gentle like old frogs
content for this moment
yet structured from the past.

28th July 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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