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Cat Napping

Ms Tizzy

Oh to be a pussy cat asleep by choice...
Curled up decision they rise fully awake,
not entrenched by minor or major problems,
the stuff of everyday human configurations:
Aging, missing envelopes, frailties of hominoids,
dispersing defeat... a home feline's under sail.

No promises, "Your check is in the mail!"
No hour counting: a homebody, food set aside,
a purr heard, "I've found a treasure," a walk away,
later, when I've stretched a bit, find new toys
A rubber band, fluff on the rug, a dropped pill.

Now when the going is difficult, the opponent who
wins the bout, a frustrating hand or toe, insoluble
conditions: I turn, a haughty manner, a shrug...
there I'll leave this environment, onward better mysteries,
unravel toilet paper, a scratch, a casual itch, petroleum jell.
A brief cat nap, rest; find a comfortable place else to sit.

Seeks not immortality, riches, philosophies, balanced books,
discovering a hiding spot: quiet, darkness, warmth...
look and stare at the world outside: squirrel, bird, bug...
The unseen too, ancestors wild, relatives caged in zoos,
"When I'm down right ready then I'll relax and snooze."

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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