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Beautiful nine-year old Oscar enjoying his morning catnap.
Companion to Karen.

Felis Domestica Black White

Painted through the night, you never know,
where the black and white spots want to go,
affixed downstairs or upstairs.
Sudden bursts, nihilistic darkness, angelic white.

Occasional meows, not many times
look at humans in disdain...
Outside hiding or at rest,
perceive your affection often an intruder's pest.

Licking: nary a tigress exclusive game...
Housecats will do it in England, Siam, and Spain.
In expectation due, just want food consumption.

Occasional displays of affection,rubbings, meows,
but not much more - their tongues are rough...
They hang around, slink away, meander or speed,
rarely stay in place, except for tidbit pleads.

Mixed breed I think pure white of heaven
stamped with black, tuxedo wearer
of mustache defined, splattered dots of an artist,
never twice alike, embossed in the day or night.

Gloved hands, maitre de, circus clown,
black and white Pierre in diamond shaped robes
at the circus, slithery leaping creatures
twice for my wife and I... you too,
Best of the Show for all to view.
black and white, white and black.

5th June 2003

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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