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Bo Bo & Little

Bo Bo and Little forced to reside...
Path passed the entrance where buses arrive,
inhabitance, against the empty conference room,
which nobody sees, outside enmeshed caged enclosure,
watered, feedings, cleaned everyday.

While Carney, once their keeper, now a statistic,
who once treasured the two birds,
falters and stumbles, a day labouror,
green card alien in the USA.

Bo Bo squawks in the morning, bidding hello,
all his life a captive, is he secure?
Clipped winged beauty, almonds, seeds,
after breakfast left over treats,
bunny's pastries, bananas, papaya...
Enticements and greetings.

A dance, a bow, mutters a few syllables,
"Lauara, Donald..." watches the world,
majestic macaw outliving most humans,
Knowing no kin, is he a loser,
eternally a prisoner locked in?

Little, a silent lovebird, his companion,
flits about, enjoying morsels,
brilliantly coloured, won't fly away,
what is their relationship?
They'll never say.

At first antagonists, Bo Bo wins....
A caw, a peck of Little,
he owns the cage, his frightening rage,
now after years together somewhat closer,
instinctive or aviary sage?

A turn to the outside: land mines and bombs,
terrorists, zealots, patriots unholy arms,
so don't love your neighbour,
take lessons from Bo Bo and Little,
live apart or together, be wary, have qualms,
study acceptance, learn to be calm.

7th February 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.
Bo Bo

Bo Bo above and Little below.


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