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Black Cats

Anonymous Black Cat Passing By

After fitful sleep, gathering the dishes, our house cat's food eaten,
newspapers discarded, yesterday's news, throwaways, replacements,
Next my wife's favourite spoon; later then I normally rise...

A black cat visiting, outside the patio door, a day beginning, nothing more...

The bright ebony feline shining coat, no doubt lives nearby
not feral, too well kempt, on a stroll, moseys here then there,
only a sliding glass door and a screen, neither cat disturbed...
wanders on, as if to say, "I'm here today it's time to go my way."

And I then performed some successive needed tasks; this bleak overcast day
commences, the dishwasher is not full - dispassionately I'm here to stay.

In my slippers and a heavy winter robe picked up Newsday and the Times,
while outside met another acquaintance, an old man, who is a neighbour now...
Dragging his feet, he's generally neat, no retirement nest egg.
Distant stare, isn't going anywhere, seems tightly intent inside,
as if he doesn't want to smile or doesn’t wish to care...

15th November, 2006

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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