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Better Paths

Better Path

Except for living's sustenance animals, vegetation
have better ways, confrontation disappears...
choices are made, extended hate and lies, wars,
insurgencies; the inequities balanced...

Only humankind's urgently kills until
the remaining loser cries, "We give up,"
starved, debased, destroyed, "let us stay!"

Stray cats, feral dogs, even birds that peck...
scavengers establish territory, stride away,
mollified, Nature weighs the scales...
no cheering crowds, no national flags.

I would think there is a better way for humankind,
the other creatures instinctively survive...
we will destroy the beauty, perhaps all life too...
after all can't we find better paths to pursue?

8th June, 2005

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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