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Kahlua At Bed's Edge

Half wakeful, dream distortions rest,
wrapped haunched feline,
immobile fixed ball of dark cat fur,
at the far angular corner of our bed,
waiting, attention seeking I guess.

Quilt ruffled, slept longer than I should,
small tasks anticipated, thought emergence,
Memorial day weekend, sequentially to review,
mixed weather report, rain passing through.

We bought this mystic tortoise shell house pet,
seven or so years ago, five dollar donation,
we sought her or did she decide to stay?

When we are down in spirits,
Our fears she does allay.
In this semi morning daylight,
I thank her every single day.

She'll watch me rise,
race downstairs in leaps and bounds,
for breakfast or for personal companionship,
purposes unidentifiable, food or otherwise,
I can't rightfully decide.

Now Time, the ghost, who whispers,
enters in this room, the passage,
of one of us, household members,
let it not come about too soon.

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