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When Lottie & Abby Arrive

Tumult you might say, the new folks
have their own ways, one hides
underneath the master bed, the other,
dog like, licks, runs around,
barks for attention, fuss and sound.

Kahlua, the resident, could be their friend,
but when her habitat is invaded,
exhibits conflict, a ruse; standing hair,
swelling tail, hissing, that's enough...
the home tortoiseshell denizen,
is denied her magisterial position.

Alas, Kahlua, of alley cat persuasion,
waits for Abby, mixed breed Lab,
and tiger faced Lottie, to depart
feeds, sips, suffering ego at best.

Mankind's different...
we rain bombs, kill a bit,
feel few qualms.

12th August 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

Kahlua (top), Abby (middle) and Lottie.

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