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Wanna Go To War?

Wanna Go To War?

We've Lost So Many Wars

We've lost many wars before this one.
Compendiums of lies, false news, waiting for a fall....
profit, strewn on many fields, patriotism you might say.

On a field of lilies and decency, ethics have gone away,
incivility, ego building, deceit, profit the rationale interplay.

Spanish American War, Korean debacle, Vietnam...
Iíll chance Iraq, the carnage, soldiers, civilians, torture too...

Wave a flag, stickers pasted to auto bumpers, enlist...
army, volunteer, your president calls, democracy for all.

He calls the Black, the Hispanics, the misguided teenagers,
the short, the fat, the tall, the gullible, the chief executive,
wearing a bloated flierís uniform playing at games of war...

We leave behind havoc, destroyed homes, temples, the wounded,
chaos our gift for those behind, the walking dead,
the prize of our carnage for the world to see, call it victory...

26th July, 2007

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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