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Beaitiful Kahlua

Beautiful Kahlua.

Animal Holiday

They know not of Halloween, Ramadan,
Hanukkah, Christmas Eve, Santa's coming,
Presents, praying, special holidays.

Easter bunnies, pure soft and white,
spend their nights, ribbon boxes,
timid souls, hopefully alive at night.
Is that wrong, is that right?

Pet dogs bark when strange folk arrive,
cats hide, come out gradually,
"Is it okay, the house is different,
I'll be back later, while people stay."

Sacrificial animals slaugtered.
A goat, a carcass, a gift to god.
A suckling pig, an unknown hog,
in forests stags and does attempt escape,
leap over bramble and fallen logs.

Thanksgiving turkeys, anonymously
frozen, wrapped in cellophane,
roasted squabs, geese and ducks,
get the best - if your poor or lazy,
you're out of hope or out of luck.

Now in photography, hearth and fires
all aspire to say it's fine!
A glass of beer, schnapps, well aged wine.
Please remember - people even
kill each other all the time.

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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