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Kahlua my stalwart cat has ambiguities I didnít know about,
inadequacies, being frightened when facing new situations
unknown events, delivery men who come to our door...

She races to an upstairs closet hiding, running away haplessly.
Yet she accepts new friends and she ignores me coldly when,
before changing unknowingly when new acquaintances arrive...

She observes unexpectedly loafs around as if to say,
"are you the superior visitors that were invited today?"
After our cat had sniffed the table earlier at idle play...

Pets have instincts to subtlety to inspect humanity day to day,
when asked as an intelligent feline "What do cats see?"
Kahlua cultivated intelligent, cultured and wise replies...

"Invited guests dine on appetizers, sip wines while I
am ignored as a pet, confined and humans blessed,
that is unfair to me, I am insulted, bored, demeaned!"

November 8, 2009

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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