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Age Comparison

Our cat is thirteen and Im approaching eighty four...
Some say shes looking old but I see youth staring at me,
jumps from the floor, sits on a predetermined friend, my wife...

Curious of strangers, unless they are noisy carrying machines.
While we do otherwise, did they knock, ring the bell, are anticipated,
when we sleep, soundly or otherwise we characterize accordingly.

Yet the position of the feline explored is different, do you agree?
Have multiple lovers, sleep longer, killing obviously, other games.
We too have spoken and not spoken requirements sequences to be...

Yet our pet looks at lifes immediacies, cool and competent collections,
Sees not distant copulations, pregnancies, feral or bound to home,
while we aware of connections and histories wander off all alone...

11th June, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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