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After Fathers' Day


The refrigerator door catches the eastern sunlight
a brilliant rectangle alongside the handle...
filling the enclosed kitchen with an unreal aura
a surprising early awakening delight...

The Fathers' Day trash throwaways crowd,
the Rubber Made plastic can in the garage beyond,
the laundry room, I add part of Sunday's newspaper,
broken boxes - tomorrow's collection day.

Outside the air is still evening chill...
the fuchsia in the hanging container is alive today,
all my imperfect spring plantings are flowering
on our Belgium block edged lawn - the totality is still.

This new week has begun - our cat doesn't know it,
she's been fed, she must be around somewhere...
asleep or searching, a house pet or a close friend
contentedly unmindful of where life starts then ends.

20th June 2005

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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