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Kahlua the sock destroyer!

Accomodation For Kahlua

Can't decide the proper word, accommodation or amendment;
this morning, searching through the eastern waking sunlight...

The scene outside, an appearance, the delicate curled spheroids,
bulbs, circling the chandelier above the dining room table
dimly lit, shining almost phosphorescently translucently clear.

I checked - the switches were correct upon the adjacent wall.
A miraculous moment, the seasonal skies positioning not indecision...

Time for my pet following me downstairs...
housecat friend accompanying my slippered journey...

Tasks yet ahead: emptying the dishwasher, newspapers curb side,
rechecking a tax return, reviewing, rethinking words still unsaid.

My companion is not hungry, at the patio's glass door stares idly,
as felines do - mental meandering, familiarity of a known vista...

Yesterday's twilight I walked, saw budding begin...
conversation and pleasantries, internally listened to
my physical faltering, counting still the years ahead.
But now first I'll mix her breakfast stew...
refrigerated cans I'll blend the contents two.

6th April 2005

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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