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In Memory Of Abby

Gone; no longer will you be the faithful pet,
loving, gentle, you can never be replaced,
who can ever fill your now vacated space?

Another companion will enter as we go on,
you will remain; life's clothes we don,
in memory your deeds, your songs.

In contentment nearby...
on the copuch, beneath our feet,
on the floor, comforting us in our sleep.

Who will come when we call,
knowingly sympathize when we laugh or cry,
be at our sides if we totter or start to fall?

Abby it was wrong for you to die,
we will not comprehend, why so young...
why so cruelly you have gone?

No answer given, you planted seeds,
gifts to us, promises to care and sow,
that in your being we will grow.

October 2002 - Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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