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Off Deer Park Avenue, turn left then right,
High school sprawl, public library too,
Lilac Lane, Grand Boulevard, Mobil Gas,
Taco Bell, another home that will not sell.

The lot's okay, foundation, shrubs unkempt,
Unassorted leavings, disarray,
Boarded over windows, unpainted trim,
Real estate sign ignored,
No one's here to say,
"Welcome, please come in."

Next door neighbours,
Go about their daily chores,
Bring in the mail, take out the trash,
Children from the school bus disembark,
Deep in winter, it soon will be dark.

Some working parents will arrive,
An embrace, a kiss, a bright hello,
A television flickers on,
The house is warm, the mortgage paid.

But just next door...
The failure lingers.

Abandonment, an empty shell,
A refrigerator turned to rust,
Broken furniture, unswept dust,
Emptiness is on display!

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.
Abandonment of Pets is a serious problem. If you are having problems with your pet seek professional help immediately.


Amos a Persian was found in a cat carrier in the middle of the hot Texas summer with a note attached, "Please find us a home!"


Bailey was found in the same cat carrier with Amos. Both cats were lucky to be found before death from the hot sun.

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