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PuskaHearing little "miaows" from a Rubbish Skip, Puska - a small ginger female kitten was found with three of her brothers and sisters in the summer of 1992. All the kittens had very bad sores on their faces. After finding homes for 3 of the litter, Puska the smallest came home with me. How someone can dump small defenceless little kittens in a Rubbish Skip is beyond me!

Within a month and after quite a few trips to the Veterinary Surgeon, Puska was soon up and about like any other healthy kitten - playful and very curious - her face had finally cleared of all the sores. She was a very talkative and affectionate female. Always getting up to some sort of hampering. Her favourite game was catching any flying insect - her first experience with a bumblebee was one of the most amusing sights I have ever witnessed (fortunately she never got stung!).

The time soon came for Puska to be Spayed. After dropping her off at the Vets and then waiting the 48 hours I returned to collect Puska. The story that awaited me from the Vets Nurse astonished me! Apparently, Puska did not like her stay at the Vets and acted like a little tigress - scratching and biting a few of the Nurses - I think they were glad to see the back of her! She was and always had been one of the gentlest cats that it had been my pleasure to know. After her trauma with the Vets she soon settled back to home life.

1992 soon came to an end.

In early june of 1993 Puska started to show signs of something terribly wrong.

More trips to the vets, the diagnosis was not good. Puska had a very weak heart and a weak stomach.

Internal infections soon made her life a misery, on strong advice from the Veterinary Surgeon I was advised to let Puska be put to sleep - her quality of life had come to such a low point that sadly I had to agree with the Veterinary Surgeon. In the 15 months that Puska had been with me she had 12 good quality months of life, because of some person's careless act in dumping her, her life was shortened unnecessarily.

The 3rd of September 1993 was a sad day; the day Puska was finally given relief from her suffering that had become unbearable. In her short life Puska had given me many moments of joy and will always be remembered for her spirit, friendship and companionship.

Visit the Puska memorial at VMG pet memorial.

Padraig - 1999

If your female has unwanted kittens, do take them to a Cat Charity or Animal Charity - NEVER just dump them. If you have a female cat and you do not want kittens DO have her Spayed. If you cannot afford to pay a Veterinary Surgeon do take advice from any of your local Cat Charities, who can advise you on where to get help.

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