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Laffy and Family

From: Alice and Derek Hunter

Happy Family

Early in 1998 my husband Derek and myself (Alice) heard a soft meow beside our garden shed, on investigating the sound we came across a lovely multi-coloured Queen with four little kittens that must have been less than a week old. We decided there and then to take responsibility for her and her litter. Derek fetched a large cardboard box and cut one of the sides. We placed a blanket inside and gently placed the four kittens inside the box. Carrying the box with the kittens to the kitchen, we were not surprised to find the mother following us.

After a mad dash to the local pet store to get the usual necessary items, our next priority was to ensure that the Queen and kittens were healthy and well. We called in a local vet to have the family of cats checked out; a course of flea treatment was all that was required. The Queen we named "Laffy" (a sort of derivation of "Lost and Found!"), after a nervous few days Laffy soon settled in with her family.

Watching the kittens grow was a fascinating and very rewarding experience. By the time eight weeks had passed we had the kittens sexed, three females and one male.

Some adjustments by us were inevitable; ornaments had to be moved to higher places, computer mains was boxed in and many other things. We decided to keep all the family as we have a large house and a large garden. Laffy turned out to be a very gentle and loving mother; her four kittens soon grew to be very active and mischievous bundles of fur.

Three months later we had Laffy neutered and when the kittens were approximately 25 weeks old we had all of them neutered. All the cats have had their injections and are now very settled. Naming the four kittens was very simple, as we had got to know their individual personalities. First was "Scampy" the male who is a little rascal, then the smallest female who we named "Titch" due to her size, next came "Quackers" who is as daft-as-a-brush and lastly "B.A." (After British Airways!), who loves climbing everything to get a good view of the world.

We do not know how old Laffy is and can only guess that she must be less than five years old. Laffy has really taken to indoor life and loves playing with her family, especially in a large wooden box that we filled with scrunched up newspaper. We do not own a camera, so have no picture. When we do purchase a camera we will send you some pictures attached to an e-mail.

We are very lucky to have had no major problems with Laffy and her litter, our last pet was a dog named "Bulls-eye" a cross-breed. He sadly died in 1997 of old age. Before we came across Laffy, we were considering getting another dog, and have now settled in with our extended family of beautiful moggies.

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