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Jeramiah - The Hole-In-The-Wall Cat!

From: Ellen, Roy & Kahlua (USA)

Jeramiah looked
like a bigger
version of Beauty

We were moving from one home to a brand new one barely completed. When we arrived at the new house, we immediately put Jeramiah, our large black and white cat, into the downstairs bathroom with food, water and a litter box. We closed the door so he would be secured inside when the movers came Several hours later.

After their departure, we opened the bathroom door to introduce Jeramiah to his new home. Lo and behold! No Jeramiah. In a befuddled state, wondering how he could have escaped, we called our previous neighbours to see, if by some miracle, he had returned to the old neighbourhood. At this point, came a pitiful miaowing.

Back to the bathroom, we realized that the medicine cabinet had not yet been installed. There was a gaping hole in the wall where the cabinet was meant to be placed. Curiosity, overcame the cat. Apparently from the sink to the hole in the wall, Jeramiah had a four foot fall and was trapped in between the bathroom and kitchen wall. In desperation, we contacted the volunteer fire department. Along with a hook and ladder truck arrived a police car.

After a fevered commotion, we put a sheet through the hole, hoping dear cat would climb up it and emerge. No luck! At this point, a firefighter took it upon himself to cut a hole at the base of the wall, behind the sink, where a terrorized Jeramiah, unscathed was released.

To end the story, being that the report was on the police blotter, a reporter called from our local newspaper and was planning to send a photographer to get photos of cat and holes in the wall. The photographer never arrived and Jeramiah never received the fame he deserved. Our loving cat, died of old age ten years later and the experience was never repeated.

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