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Cat Attack - Take The Mind Of A Cat! Board Game

Cat Attack

Cat Attack is the thinking cat's board game for adult strategists and challenging yet fun for the whole family - recently created by London musician and set builder, Jonathan Self of Boardroom Productions. As an interactive strategy game it has a popular subject matter, inspiring graphics, hidden depths and needs attitude from the players.

Groups of children or adults immensely enjoy playing this challenging game, which changes direction whenever you play it. Skill, cunning and forward-thinking techniques are required to keep one step ahead of the game and to second-guess what your fellow players will do next.

The board game is a fast action, hilarious strategy board game inspired by the close observation of the ordinary domestic cat in its own environment: attitude, treachery, cunning and theft! You have nine lives to use wisely as you get your claws out! The winning cat is the first to fill its' larder scavenging food from local shops, catching mice and birds and avoiding being run over by cars.

Renew traditional fun and family entertainment with this classically interactive game as you gather round to challenge the skills of family and friends. Become the most ingenious cat showing your combination of skill, speed, accomplishment and simply staying alive with the game that purrs!

Cat Attack board game is made entirely in the European Union Community (EU) and available for £24.99 (Pounds Sterling) now through selected independent toy retailers or by mail order directly from, for 2-6 players aged 8 to 108 years.

Contact details:

Nicki Bannerman, telephone: 01787-469361 (UK)

E-mail address: The Bannerman Consultancy - (PR, Media & Interviews)

Inventors, designers and stockists Boardroom Productions, telephone: 020-7207-2074 (UK)


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