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Welcome to the Cats Cream, the Rogues Gallery of Moggies - do you have a picture you wish to add? If yes, then please e-mail any gifs or jpgs to:


Free Scanning Service Via Snail Mail

If you do not own a scanner or do not have access to a scanner, Moggies can scan your photos and return them by 1st class post. A copy of the scanned pictures can also be sent to your e-mail address. Please e-mail for postal details.

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Cat Gallery Year 2017

Cat Gallery - May Page 1
Tigger & Tuxey Companion to Neighbour.

Cat Gallery - April Page 2
Tuxey Companion to Neighbour.

Cat Gallery - April Page 1
Mog Companion to Padraig.

Cat Gallery - March Page 4
Spuds & Greebo Companion to Allie.

Cat Gallery - March Page 3
Pepsi Companion to Jennifer.

Cat Gallery - March Page 2
Smudge & Blackie Companions to J & A.

Cat Gallery - March Page 1
Fluffy Companion to Sue.

Cat Gallery - February Page 2
Teddy Companion to Sandrea.

Cat Gallery - February Page 1
Spudley Companion to Allie.

Cat Gallery - January Page 3
Freddie & Mog Companions to Padraig.

Cat Gallery - January Page 2
Samson Companion to Mann Cat Sanctuary.

Cat Gallery - January Page 1
Bugsy Companion to Ellen.

A word from Mouse:

"To all you cats out there! Kiss my..."

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